Friday, May 18, 2007


I do alot of research on the internet, it's easier for me. ~Carrie Fisher.

One of the main differences between the two of us is the amount of market research the Boyfriend does before he buys any product, whether it's a new shaver or a belt buckle. Ebay is is favorite website in the world, and he can be toddling on there for hours, looking at prices; and concurrently on Google reading everything there is to know about a product.

Me---I just see what I like, buy it and move on. Of course, there is the downside that I might end up totally disliking it or seeing something better down the road, but for the most part that's my modus operandi. My sister Kafo is a market research genie as well. She can research the hell out of something, probably even more than the Boyfriend. She will pull out charts and graphs off the top of her head with pros and cons of each option. Man, sometimes I wish I had a mind like that.

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