Saturday, May 05, 2007

Boston Legal AGAIN

My sister is a Boston Legal junkie and so at her request, move like her constant hounding, I started watching a couple of previous episodes and I am amazed. Okay, amazed is not the right word, more like appalled. I mean, it is totally ridiculous the amount of sex that goes on in this show. In one of the episodes that I was watching Denny Crane was engaged in some nefarious act under cabinet lighting his justification of course was that he was a man with needs that need to be attended to. HELLO, there is a reason why it is called work. I mean I love relationships and all the drama that they have but it seems now that every TV show’s main focus is the titillating and inappropriate situations that take place (Grey’s, ER, Boston Legal, Desperate) instead of real life issues. SERIOUSLY do we really spend all that amount of time on thinking and engaging in sex.

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