Monday, April 09, 2007

Traveller at Heart

My friend works for this telecom consulting firm and she's been there for several years. It's one of those jobs that is satisfying and yet not too demanding. She even has been lucky enough to make good money and rise faster on the corporate ladder than alot of her mates. In addition to that, she has bought her own house a few years ago and is really good at investing. Why do I tell you this? Because as of today, she is liquidating all her assets, quitting her job and travelling the world until her money runs out. And wherever she ends up when that happens is where she is going to stay.

Talk about a thirst for adventure. Here's wishing Anita all the success and joy in her travels that is possible. Good luck mia bella!


Virginia Belle said...


that is cool. i bet she is getting ready for an amazing experience.

i have been toying w/the idea of teaching english abroad for a year. that's enough adventure for me!

Virginia Belle said...

she should blog about it.

Vixen said...

I'll tell her too, she's not much of a writer though...more of a narrator than anything.