Wednesday, April 18, 2007


If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

The big announcement...I'm learning Hebrew!

I went to the library last week to search for a book to help me along this quest. The Boyfriend has been teaching me the alef-bet but I'm a visual person and can learn only visually. So I went book-hunting. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything.

The lady at the library was very helpful though and she showed me how to get to the Rosetta Stone Language Program from the library website. It's the BEST language immersion program out there, it costs $250/language but the library has it for FREE. And you can take as many languages as you want. The best part is I can do it at home...or from any computer.

So far I'm totally loving it. It's a slow tedious process but I actually feel like I'm learning. I know how to say dog in Hebrew...nanananabooboo! (So technically, that means I can cuss someone out right?)

Unfortunately they don't have Yoruba as one of the 36 languages so I have to get something else for the Boyfriend to learn Yoruba with. I'm still irritated that they have Pashto and not Yoruba. Ugh!
I think after he does Yoruba he'll learn Arabic...they have that though.

The Kid is learning it as well...he has an account at the library too. He's a fast learner...I have to buckle down just so he won't pass me, it's almost scary how quickly he's picking it up. We are going to be a house of linguistic geniuses. After I conquer Hebrew, I plan to tackle Italian, finish French, of course whip up Spanish and from there...I guess the sky is the limit. The best part is that the Boyfriend already speaks all of I have a ready point of reference if I need pronounciation help.

Check me out...I'm going to be quinti-lingual by the time I'm 28. Oh yeah, oh yeah!!



Virginia Belle said...

YAY!!! i can tell the following from this post:

1. you have a good public library
2. you have a helpful librarian

although i hate my job, it does make me happy to read/hear about positive library interaction. :)

i, too, want to learn 5 languages before i die. i've got one down (uh, as long as you aren't too much of a grammar nazi on my native language!). i can cover small talk in German, read French well enough to get the gist of it and i have a handful of phrases in Spanish that i know.

i have some work to do. but i LOVE foreign languages!! i think that is so cool that you are learning hebrew. i want my last language to have a non-Roman alphabet. so i'm thinking russian or greek would be cool.

my dumb public library doesn't have rosetta stone. :( oh well. hope you're having fun, though!

Vixen said...

Yep...that is true. I am having fun learning it..and actually feeling like I'm learning, which helps it to be more entertaining and motivational.