Sunday, March 11, 2007


I've been in bed most of the weekend suffering the adverse sickle cell side effects of over exertion and stress. Besides reading, drifting in and out of drug induced delirium and random phone calls to friends and family, the only other thing I've done was watch ALOT of television. I do believe I tapped out and watched everything recorded on my DVR---I have nothing at all left!

When I was done with that, this afternoon I switched to MTV and started wasting time with the Sweet Sixteen remix. It's a glitzy, glam $300,000+ affair that these spoiled teenagers throw in the name of a birthday party and it just brings to mind the wide disparity between American teens and other teens all over the world. While they are concerned about buying gourmet dog food, dog supplies and cute doggie outfits, teens in Sudan are struggling just trying to find food for their siblings. While their biggest worry is finding the perfect $10,000 dress which they will wear for one occassion and discard, children all over the world are struggling to find their parents lost to war, rebels, natural disasters and famine.

It's so pathetic.

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