Monday, February 26, 2007

Vampire Blues

For some reason, ever since I left nursing school, I've had a fascination with looking at peoples' arms and staring at their protruding veins. It doesn't matter where they are, in line, at church, my sweetie while I'm lying in his arms. I just dig veins. It's not just me either, I'm sure there are tons of nurses like that. Not like I'm a vampire or anything, but I have to keep my fingers in check to prevent myself from reaching out just to tap a juicy vein to make it protrude more.

I wonder if dentists address plaque the same way? Do they like stare into strangers' mouths dying to slip some nitrous oxide down their nose? Do they automatically figure out how to whiten, change and brighten your smile in the midst of you saying hello?

These are the sundry thoughts going through my Dilaudid coated brain this evening. Life can be icky at times.

But at least I'm happy.

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