Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To the Mothers to Be...

You know I'm not the 'getting in the family way' kind of girl. I use ultra triple protection at all times for fear of getting preggers before I'm remotely ready. However, for some reason it seems that alot of my friends both far and near...and even in the blogosphere are heading down the street to motherhood.

Congratulations to the lot of you.

If I had more money, I guess I would be the person who sent an Emily Crib to each and every one of you four ladies. It's a super duper 3 in one convertible crib that fits all your baby's needs even into toddler hood. At least that's what the website says... However, I'm flat broke as of the moment so all I can send are my well wishes.

Congratulations to you and I hope that you enjoy motherhood as much as you've enjoyed singlehood and couplehood. Here's to a brand new phase in your life. Cheers!


Poetic Justice said...

who got pregnant?

NML said...

Hmm...that would be me! I did crack up laughing at the triple protection thing and i had no idea you were involved in real estate.