Monday, January 22, 2007

Maid of Honor

I was the first bridesmaid! Pearls, diamonds, silks, satins and laces! ~ Julia Ward Howe

I remember reading Anne of Green Gables and keeping in mind the fact that she refused to be a bridesmaid for the third time because it meant she would be a spinster forever and not marry Gilbert. For some reason, my 10-year old mind computed the fact that I could only be a maid of honor twice before my if fate decreed it so.

You all know my sister is getting married in August right? Oh yeah...she is. That would be one of my bridesmaid allocations automatically.

Meanwhile, in the US, one of my closet friends from college is getting married as well. We are bosom buddies, met on the first day of nursing school and have been fast friends ever since. We used to parade around campus thinking about our 'perfect weddings' and perfect futures and now we are actually living it. I'm going to be a maid of honor y'all. In June. My first ever official bridesmaid post. As well as probably the most nerve-wracking.

Vix: Who is your maid of honor?
S: You!
Vix: I am? I AM? EEEEeeeeek!

As you can see, I totally wasn't expecting it. I've spent the whole weekend with her going over wedding plans and looking at tons of samples for stuff, and even did research on the official Maid of Honor duties so I don't screw it up. Her wedding is going to be small...50 people only at sunset in this lovely garden up north in Paradise. It's the perfect setup for her, something she's talked about for years and years.

Congratulations to you sweetie! Now I have to just convince you not to make me wear anything remotely resembling a fruit color.


Randomly Sane said...

lol - i totally understand - i've already done my two and am fervently hoping that the next one will be mine!

i love that you referenced anne (with an "e") of green gables - fabulous series...i just stopped rereading them some years ago...

Vixen said...

Oooo, i have to fix