Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why The Fuck Wednesday

Ok, here's my little rant of the week, nothing major, just stuff that is pushing my buttons!
  1. WTF does Blogger keep telling me to switch to the new version? I am not switching my blog that I spent hours revamping the template to get it just how I like it to something that doesn't even have all the bugs ironed out of it yet. I'm fine without all those new features and until I get reports that Beta has stopped acting janky, only then am I going to move over. So stop automatically logging into Beta---I don't friggin' want it!
  2. WTF haven't I unpacked anything besides my absolute essentials? Absolute essentials meaning all electronics, my favorite books and bathing products. Lol. I'm such a nerd!
  3. WTF hasn't my sister returned any of my damn calls? I know it's midterm and hols are around the corner but you missed Sunday conference call with the 'rents so you need to call everyone to catch up. You are so behind on family gist it's ridiculous. Holla at your big sis!
  4. WTF did the mail guy leave me a slip in my new mailbox for my Amazon shipment when I was upstairs the whole time? His lazy ass just didn't want to climb up those flights of stairs---that's your job dude! You don't see me slacking at mine when some guy is having a heart attack just cos it's on the other side of the hallway---oh no, I totally haul ass. Don't charge me outrageous shipping prices when I don't get it delivered to my door. Now I have to go to the post office tomorrow...Aaaarrrggghhh!
  5. WTF does the Boyfriend have a shit load of junk that he's bringing into my crib? Oh hell no! I had to put my foot down on that. I don't want to see stacks of old magazine subscriptions and clothes you haven't worn in 10 years. I'm a packrat and he's a packrat. Yes---now you see why I haven't bothered unpacking yet....!
Ok, that's it, I got it all off my chest. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


Calabar Gal said...

Beta blogger has been asking me if I want to switch too and I'm like NO WAY!!! I spent hours trying to figure out how to edit my template and I'm not going through that again. I'll sit it out - Thank You!! LOL

Glad to know I'm not the only one who's sceptical about this Beta Blogger thingy.

Poetic Justice said...

Answer to #3 WTF: Sis. was out of town and she doesn't have an f-ing charger because she lsot it in somewhere on teh way back from bmore so she has to buy another one.

Will call you sometime.
Love yah!

Anonymous said...

lol - i was totally tricked into switching and was pretty upset for about an hour or so...but then realized that i am not tech savvy anyways...! plus, i'm realtively new and thought everybody HAD to switch over....oh well...

Errata said...

Rants from my days of yore. I turned my nose up at the beta blogger thingy too like WTH?? Is it by force!
my dude started packin his shyt in too. I swiftly nipped that in the bud ..... till I got bored, or sunthin! LOL
He'll be back shortly.ithink