Saturday, September 02, 2006


Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder. ~Eberhard Arnold

For those of you that know me personally, you realise that except for the most amazing 2 little cousins of mine, I can't stand being around children. Mostly because of the tendency of kids to be little spoiled termagents, especially in the US where sparing the rod is status quo. Due to my inability to stop cussing out stupid parents in Yoruba for not disciplining their kids when needed---I've adopted a hands off policy when it comes to little tykes. They are cool and everything---just don't have them around me.

However, due to one little four year old in particular, I think I might have to adapt my way of thinking. He's soooooo adorable! For some reason, he's more intelligent than the average 4 yr old, asks interesting questions and just gets it. Added to that, he still has the wide-eyed innocence of youth and the curiosity of a thirsty mind. I looooove spending time with him. I find it hard to restrain myself from smothering him with lots of love and kisses.

So anyway, I'm posting this because I'm about to spend the day with my fabulous Boyfriend and his fantastic son. And I'm very, very giddy about it. It's like double the pleasure.

Hope your weekends are going along nicely.


Ore said...

Hope you had a lot of fun.

Ms. Blaize said...

I think I know what you mean. Other than my sister - who is 8 years younger than me - there weren't many children that I liked. However, I knew early on that it wasn't all children that I didn't like but just the ones that weren't raised properly.

I learned this even more when I had my own child and found that while I couldn't stand other people's children, I actually liked her (thank God)! So it may be that you don't particularly like most of the ones you come in contact with but if you have your own, it will be a different story entirely!

BTW - I love what you wrote about the one kid you did like! All hail the mini-grown up! I'm glad that you like your man's son! Anything less would definitely be a lot to handle! :-)

~ Ms. Blaize