Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Special Kind of Love

I mean that's a big part of our existence here on earth, the personal relationship we have with the person that we love, with the person that we make love to, with the person that we share our lives with. We expect a lot of things back from our loved one, and the lesson is to accept and not expect. ~ Erykah Badu

I'm in love. Not the honey hued rose-tinted glasses infatuation that makes you think your love is the best thing since sliced bread. Not the puppy love, the lust of sex or the immature love that one exhibits in their youth. Not the romantic love that the poets write about or Hollywood idealizes.

It's that all encompassing love. The one where you accept him despite his flaws, in spite of them. The one that you tell each other everything and anything under the sun, from the most mundane to the most painful. The one that after weeks and months the slow embers grows with each passing day. The one that you have to hear the sound of his voice, just to center your being. The one where the sound of his voice subtly brings you home in a way you can never explain.

The one where you know that if it came to it, you would offer up your limb, your liver, your life. The one that you make mistakes and stumble and yet there is forgiveness behind the door. The one where you can be your worst, your meanest, your bitchiest and yet it doesn't change. The one that it's loyalty is a constant safeguard against everything you've ever come to expect. The one that hurts when you hurt, that cries when you cry, that comforts you in your pain.

The one that you connect on every plane; intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, kinestically, physically. The one that makes your heart sing. That brings you to a smile. The one that accepts, that forgives, that shares, that doesn't judge. The one that you don't have to say a word, and yet you know what's going on. The one that your intuition whispers softly, This is it. The one that seeks to understand, to know, to merge. The one that believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. The one in 1st Corinthians 13. That love.

I'm in love. And it's a very, very good thing.


Morountodun said...

Whoa. Thats touching. Does your lover know the depth of your feeling? I'm in love but I realise that there is another level I could take my love to. I'm afraid to let my baby know just how much I love her cause deep down inside I fear being that vulnerable.

Vixen said...

Oh yes....he totally knows. And that in itself is what deepens the bond. Don't be afraid to tell her, being vulnerable is not a bad thing in our world. It just shows a deeper level of trust. Telling her shows that you trust her enough to bare your soul and you know that she won't take advantage of it or through it in your face. I'm betting she will respond quite favorably.

chris said...

how sweet.

serendipity said...

that's soo sweet.


writing can be tooo beautiful sumtimes, but it keeps all the negativities away when you only see the beauty in the words.

Adunni said...

Awwwwwwwww thats soooooo sweet. I hope at some point that things work out for me so i can write a piece as lovely as this about it.
Love is a really good thing.

NML said...

Yay! I'm delighted for you! I'm definitely in love too! Work it girl x

Sam said...

You're in love and you passed the parental test! Rock on!!