Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who Are You?

I came across this in my inbox today and simply had to share with everyone.

The things you do are important to you.
Yet they are not who you are.

The words you speak serve to express you.
Even so, they are not who you are.

The circumstances of your life give you a context in which
to operate.
However, those circumstances do not define you.

The problems you have, the possibilities that are open to
you, the challenges you face, the value you've created are
all connected to you. Yet they are not who you are.

Your past tells the story of what you've been through, and
your future gives you space in which to grow.

Your past and the future are not you, though.

You are beyond your words, your actions, your circumstances,
your challenges, your accomplishments, your past history
and your future opportunities.

So who exactly are you?

You are the person who can give it all meaning, and beauty, and love.

~ Ralph Marston


JaG said...

That almost made me cry. Seriously.

Thanks for sharing.

domestic rat said...

That's lovely. Came just in time when I'm feeling sorta small.

Christine said...

I don't entirely agree with it but it is something to think about.