Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday and Wierd Things

This is another meme from Lushy's blog which also happens to be my first tag of the month!

List 6 weird things/habits about yourself
  1. I don't like pizza. Sure, I'll eat it if I'm dying of hunger and there's nothing else to eat, but I don't particularly enjoy it. It doesn't matter what the toppings are or who makes it, I just can't get past the whole cheese standing solid at room temperature bit...I keep envisioning my arteries getting clogged!
  2. I wear winter gloves in the house when I'm on the computer. My hands get cold very easily...and I still want to type--so even though it's almost April and I live in Cali, those gloves remain by my computer stand.
  3. I listen to and enjoy country music at times. From the playlist of 1999. When I lived in an apartment where the only radio waves that i could get was country music and classical. And I didn't have any CDs or iPod back then.
  4. I'm tactless. And can't even keep my own secrets. I have a tight circle of friends that I eventually spill all my secrets to. At least they all don't know each other...or the whole truth.
  5. I've enjoyed my showers ALOT more ever since I got some lavender shower gel. It's almost finished now, but something about the scent of lavender is so relaxing to me.
  6. I've retained a bunch of my childhood habits...I leave you to figure out what they are.
Your turn.

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