Monday, March 27, 2006

Folic Acid

~ This is a picture taken behind the University of Lagos.

I have a problem...a huge one. I hate taking pills with a fervor that is close to dedication. Especially pills on a daily basis. I've known ever since I was about 6 years old that I've had sickle cell. I've known the treatment, the prevention, and everything I had to do consistently to maintain the state of equilibrium that prevents an exacerbation.

And yet, when it comes to that one simple task of taking Folic acid on a regular basis...I shy away from it. I remember once telling my mom that I wouldn't have to take folic acid if I ate alot of green, leafy vegetables. Even I knew that it was bull and she just gave me that look that signified that she knew I was tripping.

Whenever someone asks what pills I'm taking...I automatically say folic acid. I lie to my doctor, my concerned mom, everyone who cares. But I can't lie to myself.

The thing about it is that when I'm well...I'm soooooooo well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me and I feel just like a normal person. Man...I love it when I'm well. Occasionally, when something is out of wack (stress, cold, dehydration, my period, exhaustion, plane flights), then I might feel the painful twinges that are a reminder of my vulnerable state.

However, I believe in mind over matter. If I will my body to be better, then it should be right? Wrong. Once I get the first twinges of pain I might be able to head it off for a few weeks by staying on the straight and narrow. But sometimes my best efforts fail and I have to take to bed for a few days until the crises passes.

I'm going to try to take the folic acid regularly. Hopefully it will ward off mini-crises and prevent major ones. I'm adding it to my exercise a vitamin along with the protein shakes and stuff. We'll see how that goes.


serendipity said...

must take your medicine regularly!!!

For me, i had to bear the pains of the side effects of the medication just to keep my health in check. Coz i know just how dangerous it would be not to do regular medication..

take care!!!

Poetic Justice said...

You are an idiot jare. Instead of taking your medicine regularly so you don't have to be in a lot of pain. You prefer to suffer a lot of pain and not take your medication.

You are an idiot jare. You better take your medication or I will come over and kick your motherfucking ass!