Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Open Letter to DSW

Dear Owner/CEO of DSW,

Don't take any of this personal, I totally dig your store I really do. But when I'm in a self-proclaimed STRICT budget situation, now is not the time to start opening up a new store in my neck of the woods. Even worse is letting my friend the shoe lover know about it and drag me there on her day off.

I fought the urge...I really, really did yall, but it was soooo tempting.

There were shoes everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. I almost hyperventilated just looking at the wide array. I decided to be a good girl, and headed off to the clearance section, thinking that I could get away with scouting empty shelves and calling it a day.

But in size 9, there were 4 fully stocked shelves. Of every kind of shoe under the sun just waiting, begging to be touched. I tried to resist, I really did. I just walked through the rows and didn't try anything on. At first.

Until I came across this really hot pair of slingbacks, in that perfect shade of violet that would match the purse I got for Christmas. I tried them on, and they fit...and were 75% off already marked down price. With bated breath, I put them back, but kept glancing at them...they were calling me.

That was the end of my resistance. I crumbled like a deck of cards, grabbed my new slingbacks put them in a tote bag and perused all the shelves to my hearts content. The clearance sale was too ridiculously enticing to pass up. I'm $87.84 dollars poorer than I started the day with.

Shame on you for putting me in this situation. I'm only 36 days into my "Spend Less, Save More" yearly resolution and I've totally flaked.

But I got six pairs of really sexy shoes.

I would appreciate it if you do not let this happen again. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.


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NML said...

Oh dear! I am on a budget this month so I sympathise. You'll have to make sacrifices elsewhere. Yikes! Or sell something.