Sunday, December 18, 2005

Things I Found Out this Week....

  1. That most men do not have a clue what the patch is.
  2. That shopping during the holiday season is an insane venture best left to last minute humans who scorn the internet.
  3. That I suck at wrapping Xmas presents.
  4. That DHL and UPS delivery guys (as cute as some of them are) can be total morons, and FedEx guys are probably morons by association. 55401 is not the same as 55041! Get it right already!
  5. That it is possible for it to rain every single day, three days in a row, even though I'm not living in Seattle or Portland.
  6. That having sleepovers at my girlfriends place is still fun even though we aren't 12 anymore.
  7. That techy gadgets make the best gift for almost anyone, most especially moi.
  8. That I am capable of actually achieving last year's resolutions before 2006 starts.
  9. That shortbread cookies instantly make me feel better.
  10. That my sisters are so different from me, that at times, it's hard to tell we that we come from the same gene pool.
  11. That Californians celebrate Xmas like everyone else, only difference is the lack of snow (or the fake snow in stores).
  12. That Christmas songs rock, and I can play them all year long if I want to, dangnabit!

1 comment:

NML said...

Good post! I love sleepovers as well and I relate to most of the things in this post. I haven't even made resolutions though but if I do, I am determined to stick to them. I hope ;-)