Friday, November 18, 2005


To change what you get you must change who you are. ~ Vernon Howard

Be the change that you want to see in the world. ~ Mohandas Gandhi

Remember the instituted Friday evening ritual of chilling in boudoir knickers whilst catching up on blogs, sipping tea, doing my nails, eating shortbread cookies, catching up with friends on the phone? Well, I did it tonight and it was absolutely heavenly. I think everyone should take one evening just for themselves to recharge their batteries.

This evening I reconnected with my old college roommate. We had lost touch about a year ago, she got married, I got inundated with life, and we kind of just drifted apart (it didn't help that we lived on the opposite ends of the US either!) I was stunned when my caller ID showed her calling, and couldn't wait to talk to her. We spent almost an hour catching up...mostly on what has transpired in each other in the last and a half. It was quite lovely and in that session I realized that, although technically I am the same person, I have also drastically changed from the woman that I was last year.

This time last year, I was suffering from a broken heart, stressed at work, had very few friends and less of a social life and wasn't altogether happy with the direction my life was going. This time this year, I'm writing more (which I absolutely love), have little to no job stressors, lots of super cool friends, a crush on a sexy Italian, blossomed into a social butterfly and am happy with myself. It's amazing how one choice can lead you into a totally new sphere of your life.

So I guess, as much as I rant and rave, moving all the way to the other end of the country has been good for me.

Here's to the continuing dance of love and life!
Pour l'incessant ballet d'amour et de vie.


NML said...

Great post and I am happy for you that you have found that feeling of content. You do change and often the friends that we have remind us of where we have come from. Change is a good thing and through pain and difficulty you have got so much positive out of it. Go Vixen go!

Ruben said...

I should have read your blog before I went on this whole rant about running away from being"me".