Saturday, September 10, 2005

Special Announcement

I've officially become Carrie from Sex & the City.

My college clique was a quartet. We hung out together almost every nite and played spades once some of us were done studying chatting up boys. And after that we broke college dorm rules and snuck out to go to IHOP. And we played spades there and chatted up more boys.

Anyway, we nicknamed each other...I wanted to be Carrie then, but I wasn't freaky adventurous enough. I think I got stuck with being Charlotte, much to my everlasting dismay.

Being that Samantha is getting married, Miranda is gallivanting through her post grad program and Charlotte formerly known as Carrie is claiming celibacy...not only do I get the moniker I adore...I'm actually living the dream.

I'm writing for a magazine ~ which is going to be really really big
Living in a wonderful city ~ that I've just discovered the depths of it's wonderfulness!
Dating a coterie of handsome men ~ sorry, nice girls don't kiss and tell;)
Enlarging my collection of shoes ~ by stealing from my sister's!

Congratulations to me!


Pink Lemonade Diva said...

I got Charlotte too. And when we played Seinfeld, I got Jerry, and from Friends I got Chandler.

I have no idea what this says about me except that my roommates and I played some weird-ass games.

NML said...

You are soooo fabulous and great stuff doing the site mention. I can't thank you enough and look forward to doing lots more work with you. Tell everyone you know!
I am definitely Carrie - I always got called her, although I get called Sammantha for the lack of embarrassment about talking about rude stuff. I don't do all the screwing though!

MzIndira said...

I would be mad, but Charlotte is my bag--I think I've honestly gone through each of the phases--except Carrie, her personality and place in life is probably just the logical outcome of all of the issues that have create the personalities of the other four (in normal women that is).