Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The average tourist wants to go to places where there are no tourists. ~ Sam Ewing

My friend is in town for a week and we've been going around everyday visiting all the tourist spots that I have never been to (even though I've lived here for over 3 months). My excuse, I'm not big on tourism, it's too darn expensive and time consuming. Plus, it takes Waaaay too much effort.

However, I must agree that San Fran is a great city to explore. There is sooooo much here that isn't in alot of cities. We've been to 2 museums, a zoo, a bay cruise and trekked marathons! Most of the places, I just went to to keep her company (see what a good friend I am), but I probably wouldn't ever go to unless I was getting paid to traverse the city.

The museums were boring as hell. We went to the Asian Museum and the Museum of Modern Arts. Now I took Art Appreciation in college ~ however I still can't appreciate you throwing a can of paint on a canvas and calling it 'art'. I could do that with little to no effort so I don't know what the big deal is. Some of it was cool, but majority was just crap. I kept going to all the rooms and saying under my breath..."Crap, crappity crap crap crap." Besides, the art wardens kept stalking us, as if I was going to even try to steal that indigo painted spongy looking masterpiece thing. Yeah right.

The zoo sucked. Besides the whole 'animals in captivity' thing, I also had to deal with the screaming spoiled children, their parents who have no idea what discipline entails, the outrageous prices and the polar bear who had no ice. I don't care how much conservation these zoos help the world with, the principle of the matter is that they are taking these animals from their natural habitat and turning them into goldfish to preen for freaking tourists taking pictures all day long. How would you like to live in a fishbowl?

I'm tired, my feet hurt, and it's almost time for another BIG tourism day. Yuck!


NML said...

Hilarious. I went to an exhibit of 'art' which was basically some shit drawings and some canvases with a square in the middle. I was really horrified. I always have to do the tourist thing when friends come into town from abroad. I'm a museum lover but I must admit that the trekking exhausts me. No wonder you were so tired when you emailed me yesterday! ;-)

Justice said...

I'm with you...I hate doing the tourist thing. It can be so boring.

PoeticVixn said...

I am quite capable of playing tourist by myself and I liked the zoo. =o)