Friday, August 19, 2005

Ranting and Raving

I love long hair. A year ago I was thinking about maybe cutting it, but I don't know. I never wanna cut it now. Never. ~ Angel Carter

Why does your hairdresser feel the need to do whatever she wants on your head? You can let her know what you want, tell her, show her, take her a goddamn picture with instructions and yet never is quite how you want it.

How many times have you come home to tweak this and that in front of the mirror, with your sundry combs and products trying to get it just right? And on top of that, she had the audacity to overcharge me on something she didn't even do right. For the price I paid for the haircut, my hair better stay all shiny and cut forever. Grrrrrr!!!

Cosmetology should be like cooking. The ingrediants are there, the experience, the directions. All you have to do is follow the recipe. That way you won't screw it up. That way I won't get mad and boycott your salon. That way you will actually have customers who don't want to kill you as they smile and act like you chopping off their locks is ok. That way, you can actually sleep well at night, instead of having lurid nightmares of your customers chasing you with shears, trying to wreck havoc on your own mane.

To all the peoples that had issues with the numerology ie my sisters...y'all need to chill. Don't be alarmed until after you have had yours done. Until then, don't jump into conclusions. Also bear in mind that it was FOC, you know me, I wouldn't spend my hard-earned cash like that.

This weekend I have the option between heading to ATL for the reunion of my college clique, going to Seattle to visit a friend or going to Vegas. Too many choices, I can't even pick which one to do. Decisions, decisions.

I saw Ever After last night. It is my all time favorite romantic movie, it still brought tears to my eyes. Thus far the ultimate romance movie list is....

1. Ever After
2. Love Actually
3. Hitch

They are highly recommended. FIVE STARS baby!

As you can see, I'm blogging about everything and anything that comes to my mind. It's 5:55AM PST and I'm wide awake, so maybe once I've blurted everything on here, I'll be able to get some rest.

Big Thank You to the Circle of Life for all their love, patience, advice and support this week. It was most appreciated. I'm still waiting for my ice cream party a la Gilmore Girls, but until then, I guess my heart will go on beating.


NML said...

Hello darling. I hope you're OK and I'm glad you have your Circle of Life during your difficult time. I've become afraid of trims after a bad episode with the hairdresser 3 years ago which resulted in a lot of tears and I'm convinced that my hair has never grown the same again!

Adrienne said...

I totally agree on the hair dresser commentary and the romantic movies.

Shannon said...

The hairdresser thing...

Had a perm done so badly it looked like I had pubic hair growing where my public hair had been!

I agree with your circle of life as well ;)

All time romanitc movies...

Love Actually
The Princess Bride

So we match for 2 out of 3! That's not bad!

Thanks for visiting and the hugs, both are greatly appreciated.

I'll be back.

Shade76 said...

hi babe! I'm here to advise you that i switched my blog in english, so, whenever u want to come, u're welcome ;)(just a post, atm... i need time to write :D)

Justice said...

I guess I'm lucky to be a guy who likes to keep his hair short. The haircutter has a really hard time messing it up.

LadyB said...

Tell me you did not cut off the hair I worked so hard to put together!!! How dare she or he or it or whatever your hairdresser in CA do that to the beautiful tresses that I created before you left Bmore! See! that's why you stick with your original stylist and don't whore yourself with other stylists!

N.E. "The FACE" doesn't deserve you so don't under any circumstances worry what he will think by your decision! have fun this weekend. call and dish all about it.


Joycii said...

i think that the most tear jerker romantic movie is the notebook. once u see it you will add it to the top of your list. it will make hitch look like i robot.

Nettie B said...

I once went to this hairdresser with a picture of myself from the night before and I said "I want to be able to still style it this way - dont CUT..just TRIM". He looked at me and said "this is from last night?? You can do that to your hair"?? I should've taken that as a hint because I lost 4 inches off my length that day.