Friday, May 06, 2005


Paradise is sleeping in past noon.--Tosin

This week has definitely been a peaceful one for me. I haven't been working because I'm 1 week away from the BIG MOVE, and I was planning to pack. Those of you that know me though have realized by now that that is just a big fat lie. I haven't packed squat and I have 4 days to go.

The thing about moving is that I hate, absolutely hate packing. And why do I hate packing? Because, true Pack Rat that I am, packing means I have to get rid of the momentos and knickknacks and stuff that has memories for me. You are reading a blog of a lady that has clothes still from her grade school days, obviously that I can no longer fit into, but that I keep for the memories. I have the nursing uniform that I wore in school, the first outfit that I bought with money from my first paycheck, the first pair of jeans I ever get the drift.

My sister, the quintessential Packing Queen, has already de-junked her life and packed everything she has except what she need for the next few weeks. She does spring cleaning about every month, so she has no junk to speak of. How can you have no junk? Life is about acquiring and storing junk! What is wrong with her? All the outfits that we have ever bought together, she has already given hers away or to the Salvation army. As for yours truly, I still have every single one.

Packing presents a HUGE dilemna for me. That is why I hate moving. I have 96hours to fully pack up my bedroom (the only room that my erstwhile sis has not packed up), and here I am writing a rant about it. I guess I should just go start packing, right?


PS: Keenyah needs to get booted off ANTM. She's annoying me, has been since that Brandy chick left. They all suck, this crop of models stink. Naima needs to win. She needs to work on her face and knockher pics out of the ballpark. If she doesn't win I'm boycotting. Eva is still the best NTM.

Ok, I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

PACK already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, that was a cute rant.


Vixen said...

I'm trying, I'm trying!!