Friday, March 25, 2005

Hitch...Great Movie!


This movie is a public apology by Will Smith to all his adoring fans that says..."Forgive Me for I, Robot!" I loved this movie!!! From the opening credits to the closing, I was laughing all through. Although the premise was a 'chick flick' this movie appeals to all ages and genders, there was something in there for everyone.

It was drama, comedy, some violence.. hehehe, and romance interwoven by the writer so flawlessly that it was fun to watch.The cast had great chemistry, the combination of James, Smith and Mendez was great. The sparks between Mendez and Smith were really firing, and even though she was a total B* you still wanted them to get together, all because Hitch was endearing.

Kevin James...I didn't even know he could act! He plays the bumbling man that falls in love with NY's elite, and is desperate for some advice. He pulled his part together with perfection and managed to tie most of the pivotal scenes in the movie together quite nicely. I cannot imagine another actor to play his part.

Most of the 'love lines' in this movie where true, however, have all those stats been really verified? 8/10 women expect the 1st kiss to tell them everything...yeah right. Some of the advice to men was great advice, I wonder if anyone actually will pick up on that?

Will Smith epitomized the role of the Date Doctor. The playboy turned starcrossed lover turned man whose world collapses around him was a bit of a stretch but he pulled it off. Add to that, he is naturally funny, and delivers his lines with such suave charm that makes you want to melt. Eva Mendez managed to fill very large shoes as the cynic in every woman, but still bewitches the greatest cynic of all. I didn't like the fact that she was ruthless and judgemental, and rushed the story to the press without any verification; but when she wasn't being bitter, she was actually quite nice. She was confident and savvy, and took no prisoners. In a way, she was the villian in this piece even though they pointed the blame to that egomaniacal Vince stock broker dude.

The visual shots were was shot in NY, but a clean NY:) with nice clean yellow cabs. Beautiful shots of the city, Times Square, the pier, Ellis Island were all exquisitely protrayed, and the architecture at the train station was amazing. Good Lord, I loved each and every apartment. It's hard to believe that such wide expanse of space is available in NY for rent. Hitch's apt. was off the hook, showing his work, functionality as well as his unique taste in Grecian art. Mendez' apt. was bright and sunny which contrasted to the hard edge she originally protrayed to the world.

This movie was a comedy as well as a metaphor. Women tend to sabotage great relationships in the interest of protecting their hearts, while guys never really get what women want or need. But when Cupid's arrow strikes, men and women really do speak the same language. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone who liked Bridget Jones' Diary, Something about Mary, Pretty Woman, You've got Mail, Notting Hill.

As for Will Smith...apology accepted:)

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